Author’s Message

Welcome to a world where love is not limited by time, but instead free to soar through eternity. Harry met Lucy when he walked into a small candy store in the Polish enclave of Hamtramck, Michigan during the Great Depression. That was first time he saw the “most beautiful girl in the world.” It was also at that moment Lucy knew she was looking at the man she would love forever. That was a long time ago. This is an eternal love story.


Harry and Lucy:

  • A love story that travels from the Depression and WWII until today and all tomorrows
  • A weaving of the true stories of love, loss, joy and pain lived by Harry and Lucy in this world.
  • A story that is poignant and funny, tender and tortured, mortal and mystical


Reader 5 Star Reviews:


“Harry and Lucy is thoroughly engaging and emotionally captivating, and I could hardly wait to turn the page and read what’s next.”


“Beautiful love story with a fascinating plot twist. Read this book from cover to cover the afternoon it arrived.”


“A beautiful and moving story – rich in romance, detail, emotion and humor. Makes you feel as if you’re falling in love all over again.”


“Written very well with great insight to our northern area and past. Beautiful story.”


“I love the book and look forward to the MOVIE!!!”



Thank you.




Jerry Piasecki